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Fall lookbook: pleated skirt in grey wool fabric

Now autumn has arrived. The leaves are colorful, the meadows are intensively green and the weather is unstable. I love autumn: the beautiful colors in nature, the wind and of course, that I can wear skirts and boots again! Skirts of tights and boots are simply my favourite outfit combination for everyday life. That’s why I sewed  an autumn wool skirt to get myself started in the new season.
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Sewing Goals for 2020

I wish you a happy new year! I hope 2020 started well for you. May you be lucky, happy and full of inspiration for new sewing projects.

#SewYourWardrobeBasics Challenge

I have been playing with the thought of making my own basic wardrobe for a few months in 2019. Most of my basic pieces are quite old – some already have holes. So why should I buy new stuff when I can make it myself?

I’m not so much into blogger challenges – I like to follow them and watch the results of other bloggers, but taking part myself? The pressure of time is stressful to me and it takes all the fun. But still sometimes I can’t resist. That’s the fact for this challenge from Sea of Teal. Goal of that challenge is to sew a basic piece of fashion each month of the year. There will be a theme every month and the participants can choose what to make out of that themselves.

The first theme to join in 2020 is „Denim“. I’m so excited, because I have many good ideas for beautiful denim basics.

Drawing sketches for my basic wardrobe

Finish the green shirt

Two years ago I made this wonderful shirt out of olive green silk. It’s nearly done, only the buttons and a little work on the inseams are missing. The beautiful silk fabric was a gift from my mother, so it is very dear to me. This is the reason I never finished this shirt. I’m just afraid of destroying the fabric when I sew the button holes. Still I’m not very good using the buttonhole function of my sewing machine. That will change! I will learn how to make the perfect button holes and finish the shirt finally.
Maybe I’ll wear it to the office then, or in a fancy restaurant.

my green shirt i want to finish this year

The heavy metal blanket

My husband has got a lot of band- and festival tshirts. Some of them are more then ten years old and he loved to wear them. Some of them are worn out or ripped, but he can’t throw them away. Especially the festival and tour shirts bear so many valuable memories. So I decided to make him cuddly blanket for his favourite spot on the sofa. I already cut out rectangles with the motifs from the shirts. I will sew them together like a quilt blanked and add a cuddly fleece on the backside.

the shirts i want to make a blanket of

Make my new sewing room

When my daughter was born my sewing room moved to our old guest room. Since  then, sewing has become a little bit uncomfortable to me. My furniture fits not very well in the new sewing corner and my ironing board is much too big. I often search for parts and pieces, because all my little boxes are stuffed into the small shelves. This has to change. Next week I’m driving to Ikea with my friend and then I will start my sewing room makeover.

before picture of my sewing room makeover

Mewe sewing challenge

Yes, there is a first sewing challenge on MeWe I take part in. Goal of the challenge is to sew at least one piece of fashion for yourself every month of the year. I already started with my green leopard shirt. Come join #mywardrobe2020 on Mewe with me! MeWe is not only ad free, it also has – unlike facebook – a real timeline where you can see all the posts, not only automatically selected ones.