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Here are all my blogposts about my sewing projects, home decoration projects and my thoughts about sewing and DIY in general. Also you can find some great tutorials and hints here.

A guide to buying fabric online

Not only travel bloggers are affected by COVID-19. The quarantines and the bans of public events makes blogging difficult for all of us, who deal with non-digital products in our blogs. I may not have to go outside for sewing, but I can’t sew without fabrics and supplies. Buying fabrics online can be quite difficult. Need some help to figure out how to buy good fabric online?
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Stripes and Flamingos

flamingo and stripes

It’s the last day of this month and it’s time to show my results for the #sewyourwardrobebasics challenge. I’m still inspired by the idea so sew at least one basic wardrobe piece for myself every month and I hope this sewing-flow will stay in my mind for a while. I’ve never been sewing so much like I do these days. So let’s get back to what I made this week.
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Is it pop art? „Sweetheart top“ with cutout neckline

My handmade knit top with long sleeves

Some projects are so simple, that they are done in less time than I need to write a blog post about it. This top was meant as a test garment for my pattern alteration of the sweetheart top, but it turned out so beautiful that I need to share it. I altered a very basic pattern and added the cutout detail to the neckline.
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The easiest denim skirt – #SewYourWardrobeBasics

My handmade denim skirt

In my last post I wrote about the #SewYourWardrobeBasics challenge from sea of teal and that I’m super motivated to take part in that. In November 2019 I already planned to sew more basic pieces for my wardrobe in 2020. Then I stumpled accidentially on that challenge, that matched my project perfectly. I see so many pictures on pinterest on facebook of colorful, fancy clothing that is beautiful, but not ready for everyday. In the past years I made so many fancy dresses that I love, but I only wear them to special occasions like weddings, prom or concerts. That means, I wear them once or twice during the year. On the other hand, my closet is full with old T-Shirts, worn out jeans, bad fitting shirts and ugly pyjamas. While I sew a beautiful party dress I wear my old ragged sweattop and even older jeans that never fitted correctly. So for me it is time to make some everyday wearable pieces.

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Sewing Goals for 2020

I wish you a happy new year! I hope 2020 started well for you. May you be lucky, happy and full of inspiration for new sewing projects.

#SewYourWardrobeBasics Challenge

I have been playing with the thought of making my own basic wardrobe for a few months in 2019. Most of my basic pieces are quite old – some already have holes. So why should I buy new stuff when I can make it myself?

I’m not so much into blogger challenges – I like to follow them and watch the results of other bloggers, but taking part myself? The pressure of time is stressful to me and it takes all the fun. But still sometimes I can’t resist. That’s the fact for this challenge from Sea of Teal. Goal of that challenge is to sew a basic piece of fashion each month of the year. There will be a theme every month and the participants can choose what to make out of that themselves.

The first theme to join in 2020 is „Denim“. I’m so excited, because I have many good ideas for beautiful denim basics.

Drawing sketches for my basic wardrobe

Finish the green shirt

Two years ago I made this wonderful shirt out of olive green silk. It’s nearly done, only the buttons and a little work on the inseams are missing. The beautiful silk fabric was a gift from my mother, so it is very dear to me. This is the reason I never finished this shirt. I’m just afraid of destroying the fabric when I sew the button holes. Still I’m not very good using the buttonhole function of my sewing machine. That will change! I will learn how to make the perfect button holes and finish the shirt finally.
Maybe I’ll wear it to the office then, or in a fancy restaurant.

my green shirt i want to finish this year

The heavy metal blanket

My husband has got a lot of band- and festival tshirts. Some of them are more then ten years old and he loved to wear them. Some of them are worn out or ripped, but he can’t throw them away. Especially the festival and tour shirts bear so many valuable memories. So I decided to make him cuddly blanket for his favourite spot on the sofa. I already cut out rectangles with the motifs from the shirts. I will sew them together like a quilt blanked and add a cuddly fleece on the backside.

the shirts i want to make a blanket of

Make my new sewing room

When my daughter was born my sewing room moved to our old guest room. Since  then, sewing has become a little bit uncomfortable to me. My furniture fits not very well in the new sewing corner and my ironing board is much too big. I often search for parts and pieces, because all my little boxes are stuffed into the small shelves. This has to change. Next week I’m driving to Ikea with my friend and then I will start my sewing room makeover.

before picture of my sewing room makeover

Mewe sewing challenge

Yes, there is a first sewing challenge on MeWe I take part in. Goal of the challenge is to sew at least one piece of fashion for yourself every month of the year. I already started with my green leopard shirt. Come join #mywardrobe2020 on Mewe with me! MeWe is not only ad free, it also has – unlike facebook – a real timeline where you can see all the posts, not only automatically selected ones.



sew a summer vintage skirt with petticoat

No Words, just a picture from my sewing room 🙂 This is one of my favourite summerskirts with a new petticoat. I made that skirt in 2007, more than ten years ago and I still love it very much.

sew a summer vintage skirt with petticoat


DIY Petticoat with tulle and satin

No words, just a picture from today’s sewing activities.

DIY Petticoat with tulle and satin
Seems like a lot of tulle and satinband is sewed here…

What might that be???? You will find out here on my blog next week…

Into the springtime

I made a vintage skirt and a matching top

Spring has begun here, the sun is shining (mostly), the birds are singing and soon our fig tree will be green again. I love this season, especially the first days when it is possible to leave the house without a coat. I’ve been sewing a lot the past few weeks. I made so many new clothes for the upcoming summer season and I’m even upcycling ten year old projects.

I want to show off these new projects so much, but I’m still pregnant, so I’m not fitting in any of my new clothes, not to mention my old ones. To avoid boring you out with no new content on my blog, I’d like to you some spring outfits and clothes from the past few years. This Outfit here I made in 2017. It is a plaid skirt out of a cute gingham fabric and a matching jersey shirt.
My new vintage inspired spring outfit containing a gingham skirt and a wraplook jersey shirt

The Shirt

The original pattern of this shirt is a dress from the Fashionstyle 09/2017  magazine. I already made this dress and wrote about it here. The dress is made out of a very lightweight silky trikot fabric, that falls perfectly around the body. I loved the wraplook neckline of this dress so much, that I decided to make a shirt with this pattern too. I just left out the skirt pattern and replaced it with a hip length piece. Also I altered the sleeves from long to medium length. For the shirt I chose a fabric that is a little bit thicker than the one I used for the dress. The fitting is a little bit tighter than the dress, so the shirt has a slightly shaping effect.

I love this shirt very much and before my pregnancy I have worn it very often. I can be combined with a lot of different bottoms, from tight to wide skirts, jeans or wide flare pants.

The Skirt

This skirt is also made from a pattern I already used before, it is already ten years old. The pattern for this beautiful vintage skirt is from the Burda Easy Fashion Magazine F/S 2009. I made this skirt already in 2009 and I still wear it regularely in summer. I will write a post about that skirt another time, promise! I love the vintage inspired pattern and the wide, swinging skirt that is created with plaids on the front and back of the waistline. For this new skirt I chose a cotton fabric with a cute gingham pattern. To add some detail, I sewed some velvet trimming on the seam.

More Pictures please?!

Sadly, I was quite in a hurry when I made this outfit, so I didn’t take any sew-along photos. The only pictures of these two garments are the ones you already see here, though I was wearing them many times last spring and summer. As soon as I can wear them again, I will take some new pictures that show more details of the patterns and the fabrics and I will post a few alternative outfit ideas. Here are a few inspirations already:

  • Wraplook shirt with jeans
  • Wearing the shirt with a tight pencil skirt and high heels
  • Plaid skirt with light summer top for the hot season


For the ones that scrolled to find a short summary:

  • Patterns: 

  • Fabric:

    • Shirt: Black viscose jersey, 300g/m
    • Skirt: Gingham cotton and velvet trimming
  • Mods:

    • Shortened the skirtpart of the dress pattern
    • Shortened the sleeves ot medium length
    • Fitted the skirt to my measurements
    • Added velvet trimming on the seamline of the skirt


A groovy vintage dress

Vintage dress evelyn postimage

Last week I finished my new favourite dress for spring and summer: A light cotton dress, inspired by the style of the fifties. I found the perfect pattern for that beautiful fabric and had the chance to try out the automatic button-function of my sewing machine.

I just love vintage dresses. As a pattern I used the dress „Evelyn“ from the new magazine „Simply Nähen“. I don’t think that this magazine is available in other languages, so pattern and tutorial are only in german language. This dress is on the cover of the magazine and I fell in love with it already when I saw it in the store.

Last year in august i bought this beautifiul groovy fabric with the little music notes at a local store in Mannheim. I fell for that fabric instantly. The shop assistant asked me, if I played in a band. I told her that I have no talent at all for singing or playing and instrument, but I love listening to music – Mostly rock and heavy metal. So I bought that fabric – And I had no idea what to sew. I wanted something vintage, fifties, maybe a skirt or a blouson, but I couldn’t find a good pattern. Until I ran into that magazine with the perfect vintage dress for a light, soft cotton fabric.

Sewing: Complicated collar and automatic button holes

This is my first pattern from the „Simply Nähen“-magazine. Mostly I sew Burda Style patterns, so I was curious how the pattern and the tutorial would be different from them. Before cutting the fabric, I read through the tutorial. What I liked mostly about it where the detailed explanations for each step. There are little hints, why certain steps have to be performed in a special way, that helped me a lot to understand, how the dress should be fitting in the end.

The collar

Unlike most blouses and jackets the collar on this dress should not be reinforced with vlieseline. That was new to me and I was not sure, if it would look good without any reinforcement. After discussing that problem in my favourite facebook sewing group I decided to add a very thin layer of vlieseline to the lower part of the collar. That gives the collar a little support, so it would grump but it kept it still light and flexible.

I wasn’t very content with the first result of the collar. It didn’t fit very well on the dresses neckline, altough it had exactly the size of the pattern, it was way too wide. On the picture in the magazine, the collar was not longer than the shoulder seams, but in reality the length looked quite different. So I removed the collar, cutted it a little and sewed it again. Suddenly everything about that collar fitted perfectly.



Button holes with Pfaff Sensomatic button hole foot

I use the Paff Expression 3.5. for most of my sewing projects. When I bought that machine, it came with the sensomatic buttonhole foot, a little part that makes buttonholes even easier than before. With that foot you just need to measure the length of the button, pin the foot in and the sewing machine will do the rest. Since I own that machine I was curious about that function, but never found the courage to try it, since I found it complicated to install. Sadly there a not many tutorials for this function on the internet for the Expression 3.5., so I had to find out how it worked by myself with the help of the machine’s manual. It was much easier to set up than I thought and I am very content with the results. The buttonholes are perfect, also easy and quick to make.

In this picture you can still see the little line I drawed with chalk on the fabric to mark my button line. I mark buttons normally with a little piece of thread, but I removed the thread before making the buttonholes, to avoid sewing it in there.

The sleeves, the skirt and the waistband

After finishing the bodice, I found the remaining steps of the dress quite easy. The sleeves are gathered a little bit to fit in the armholes. Sewing a heavier fabric, I would not have liked that, because it makes the hem of the sleeves stand away from the arm a little bit. But due to my light fabric, the sleeve just falls smooth on the arms and it looks good that way.
The skirt is also gathered together at the waistline and a rubber band is sewn into the inside. According to the tutorial from the magazine, the band should be sewn to the skirt afterwars. I skipped that step, because the plaids of the skirt look much better, when the are not fixed, it makes the skirt a little more swinging. So I just pinned the waistband on the side seams with a few stitches and left it that way.

Styling: A perfect dress for springtime and a summer picnic

I’m so happy about this dress and I’d love to wear it right now. Sadly, I actually don’t fit into it, because I’m still pregnant. So I will be posting some photos of me in that dress later, possibly in may or june. I also didn’t stitch up the seam of the dress, because I prefer measuring the seam length while wearing the dress.

Vintage dress evelyn postimage

In the spring time, I will wear a little black cardigan with the dress and some pumps or loafers. In the summer I will wear it with sandals. This dress looks best with a waistline belt, like the one in the picture. It looks like the dress is gathered together by the belt, but it is the elastic waistband on the inside of the dress indeed. This makes the belt always stay in the right position. Thinking about that, I will possibly add some invisible belt loops on the side hems, to prevent the belt from slipping up or down while moving.

Oh Baby! Cute little Babydress and headband out of the leftovers

When I finished the dress, there wasn’t much fabric leftovers. It was barely enough for this little dress and a bow for the matching headband. The pattern for the dress is the „Peasant dress“ from Sew much Ado, it’s a free pattern. There wasn’t enough fabric to make the bodice of the dress in one piece, so I seperated it in two and added some ruffles at the seamline. When I was finished I decided to use the very last piece of fabric for an accessoire and made a little headband with a bow. For sewing that bow I looked at this great tutorial for fabric bows on Youtube, it is really very easy.

I’m so excited on how this will look on my baby girl and I hope it will fit soon.

Do you have any questions about this dress? Or did you already make a similar vintage dress? Feel free to write a comment or visit me on facebook or instagram.

Wordless Wednesday

vintage dress breakfast

Here I go with my new wednesday column. I join in the #wordlesswednesday tag and post here every wednesday some pictures, videos or other stuff that does not need any words to explain.

vintage dress breakfast
breakfast in my new flamingo summer dress


A full posting of how I made this dress is coming soon!