Some projects are so simple, that they are done in less time than I need to write a blog post about it. This top was meant as a test garment for my pattern alteration of the sweetheart top, but it turned out so beautiful that I need to share it. I altered a very basic pattern and added the cutout detail to the neckline.

This is also my first piece for the #mywardrobe2020 challenge in february. Goal of the challenge is to sew at least one piece for yourself every month.

Shirt with cutout and comic print

The pattern

For christmas I giftet myself the book „Gertie sews vintage casual“ (I won’t post an amazon link here, please support your local book store and order it there, if you are interested).

The „knit  sweetheart top“ is a useful basic pattern that comes in many variations.  It can be made with cap sleeves, short sleeves, puff sleeves, a boat neck or the heart shaped neckline from the pictures below. For this shirt I chose the normal, medium length sleeves. What I really like about this pattern is the waisted fit, it’s perfect for hourglass shapes as mine.

Gertie sews vintage casual sweetheart top sweaterGertie sews vintage casual sweetheart top







Here is a link to a great book review about „Gertie sews vintage casual“

I wanted to make more than just a casual basic piece, so I came up with the idea of a cutout detail on the neckline. For this I changed the neckline of the original pattern, like you can see in the picture below. I made the neckline higher and added the cutout instead of the pleats in the front section

Sweetheart Top pattern alteration


The fabric & the Sewing

Yes, it’s an eye-catcher. I found this fabric two years ago somewhere on the internet and fell in love with it instantly. I love comics, pop-art and purple and this fabric has everything in it. The texture is sleek and soft and it is very stretchy but not too thin. Just a perfect, easy to sew knit.

The neckline was a little tough in the end. Because it was my test garment, I hadn’t planned yet how to finish the center front above the cutout. First I thought about closing it with ties and an bow, but when I sewed the purple fabric on the armholes I realized that it is much too thic for laces and the bow would look bulky in the front. Then I decided to close the neckline above the cutout and just finish it with purple binding. Unfortunately I already had sewn on the binding on the upper neckline, so I had to close it in the front afterwards. You won’t recognize it on first sight, but it looks a little bit ugly. When I make this shirt again, I will close the binding to a ring first and then apply it to the neckline.

Sew a top with a cutout neckline

In the book there is a paragraph about stabilzing seams on knit fabrics. They use some elastic tape there that I hadn’t at home when I was sewing the top. And since I’m not patient enough to order it online and wait a week until I can continue, I thought about other solutions for stabilizing the lower seams. I came up with the idea of adding lace to the seamline on the bottom of the shirt. This is a nice and fancy detail and it stabilizes the seam. To make this, I finished the raw edge with the serger, then I pinned the lace on it and topstitched the seam with the twin needle, stitching down the lace from the inside.

Sweetheart top with lace detail on the hem

Where would you wear that?

That is not a question for me. Since to me, everyday is Halloween and I don’t care what people think about my outfits. Since it is a comfortable knit shirt, it’s perfect for everyday, it goes with jeans as well as with an elegant pencil skirt and high heels. There are not many clothes that are comfortable and sexy at the same time. I’m not so much the type for color and patterns but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

Comic shirt with jeans and shoes

By the way – I like that pattern so much, I already made TWO more of that tops already. One for my friend and one for me. So hang on here, I will blog about them soon.

More Outfit inspirations:

Honestly, I would like to show you much more outfits including that top, but I hadn’t more time to take any photos yet. So I will add them as soon as they are done.
my new popart comic print shirt

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