In my last post I wrote about the #SewYourWardrobeBasics challenge from sea of teal and that I’m super motivated to take part in that. In November 2019 I already planned to sew more basic pieces for my wardrobe in 2020. Then I stumpled accidentially on that challenge, that matched my project perfectly. I see so many pictures on pinterest on facebook of colorful, fancy clothing that is beautiful, but not ready for everyday. In the past years I made so many fancy dresses that I love, but I only wear them to special occasions like weddings, prom or concerts. That means, I wear them once or twice during the year. On the other hand, my closet is full with old T-Shirts, worn out jeans, bad fitting shirts and ugly pyjamas. While I sew a beautiful party dress I wear my old ragged sweattop and even older jeans that never fitted correctly. So for me it is time to make some everyday wearable pieces.

The challenge motto of january is denim. This month I was not only motivated, I also was deligent and had enough leisure time for sewing. My old denim skirt that I love dearly doesn’t fit me very good anymore since I gained a little fat on the hips during pregnancy… Moreover it is faded and worn out. So it’s about time for a new one.

The pattern

The pattern is from an old Burda Style Magazine (10/2007). In the magazine it’s a knee length skirt with a thin waistband. It has little darts on the pockets, that make a fine cute detail. In 2007 I already made a skirt from that pattern so I still had the paper pieces around. Back then I altered it to a mini skirt and made the waistband a little broader for a better fit. Since I’m 12 years older and a little heavier than back then, I needed to add some width to the whole skirt to make it fit my actual proportions.

The fabric

To try out my pattern alterations I started with an old scrap piece of very thin black denim. I didn’t have enough fabric for all of the pieces, so I made the lining of the waistband out of purple satin. I think I will write another post soon about some possibilities for dealing with „not enough fabric“. The fabric is very light, but not transparent, so it’s perfect to wear with tights in winter and without them in the summer time

For the topstitching of my denim skirt I used purple yarn, because well – it’s purple 🙂


Sewing a denim skirt is quite easy. I started with the pockets in the front piece and the center seams on the front and back. Then I added the zipper and the waistband and that’s it mostly 🙂 I think it only tool me four or five hours to make that skirt. I was so quick at sewing I didn’t even take pictures. In the middle of that I had to tighten the side seams, since I made them a little too wide.

In Addition I added two button holes to the skirt. Why’s that? So I can wear it on the hips or higher to the waist depending on which look I chose to wear.

Conclusion: Sewing a denim skirt is easy peasy

I can’t remember when I made such a nice piece of clothing in so little time. The skirts fits perfectly and it’s so comfortable. Since I finished it on the 15th of January I already wore it about ten times. It goes with nearly everything – T-Shirts, boots, pumps, blouses, short jackets, long coats,… There are endless possibilities to style it.

sew a denim skirt