Empire Sixties summer dress in tourquoise

In the summer 2015 I got inspired by the color turquoise. Though that color was not in vogue at that time, I just fell in love with it somehow. So when I was planning a dress for my best friend’s wedding, I chose that color for a decent party dress.

The dress is made out of polyester chiffon. It is a very cheap fabric, because I hadn’t much money to spend at that time. Although that fabric was cheap it has a nice matte surface which makes it look quite dressy and exclusive.  Also it is very fine and soft, but not transparent

My best friend’s wedding was quite tradional and conservative. They got married at a christian church and made a  lavish party at a castle. That meant that my black gothic looks were not allowed there, also dresses with wide nackline or open shoulders and back were not suitable. Plus I wanted a dress that I could not only wear for that wedding but also fo other occasions, p.e. for work.

That pattern is the <Nummer> from simplicity, I bought it via ebay. What I like about that pattern is the tight waistline and the sleeves, though they were quite tricky to sew. The dress is closed with a zipper on the left side.

the fabric for the dress I made myself

Sew along

That dress was more diffucult than it looks. I had to adjust the pattern on the waistline and the shoulders, because it was too short and too wide. I made the shoulders about 4cm longer and the waist and upper body parts about 6cm tighter to fit correctly. I used two layers of chiffon for the whole dress to prevent it from being transparent.

The neckline was quite tricky, because the inner part of it is quite small and short and didn’t fit right at the first try. I had to unstitch the seam two times until it looked fine.

sew a dress with me

The most difficult part of that dress were absolutely the sleeves. In my opionion the sleeves are the hardest parts of all garments.  Especially when I use a fabric that is not stretchy. In this case I needed most of the sewing time for the sleeves. I pinned, fitted and basted them four or five times until I could sew them in. Still I am not very happy with the way they fit.

How to style that dress

As I mentioned in the beginning, I did not want to make a dress just for one wedding. So this pattern, color and fabric is wearable in many occasions.  As my favourite and most worn color is black, I only wear black pieces with that dress.

  • Classy events like weddings: High-heeled pumps and decent jewellery
  • For Work: Comfortable pumps and black coat
  • To a garden dinner party: Flat Sandals, Cardigan and Hat

To the wedding party I wore a vintage inspired curled hairstyle and of course the matching nail polish.

style a summer dress with matching nail polish