This is one of my favourite dresses this winter. I made it in november and sewed away the blackness and the cold of these dark days. It is my first dress from a fashion style pattern, you can find a little review to the pattern and introduction below.

dress pattern from fashion style

Pattern, Fabric and Supplies:

Sew along:

This dress was very easy to sew. The pattern is not complicated and fitted exactly my size (38). I only had to adjust the waist line of the dress to my body shape about 3-4 cm.  The fabric was not sloppy and easy to iron and sew. Sewing the neckline and seams with the twin needle was a little bit tricky, because it was the first time that I used that needle on my new sewing machine. I had to test it first on a rest piece of fabric until I found out the correct thread tension and stitch size. I wrote a seperate post about using and testing the twin needle (You will find a link here soon!)

sew along: how to make that jersey dress

I am very proud of the sleeves, because I think sleeves are always quite hard to fit correctly into the top of shirts and dresses. The sleeve lines on the top I strengthed with vlieseline, so they won’t wear out.

Sew a dress out of jersey

As you can see, the fitting of the dress is really nice. In the beginning I thought the seam on the back would be ugly, but now I find it to be very sexy. It adds an interesting detail to the back of the dress.

Fashion Style dress pattern – a short review

dress pattern fashion style 01/2018

As I mentioned before this is my first pattern from the Fashion Style magazine. The pattern is availabe in six sizes, 36 to 46. The pattern itself is on transparent paper within the magazine, like you can also find it in Burda Style and other sewing magazines. Pattern and markers are easy to trace and to copy on the paper.
The introduction for sewing is written in big letters, so you can read it easily. Also it was very easy for me to understand.

I like the fit of the dress, only the sleeves are cut a little too low and the sleeve holes are too wide. I corrected that on the pattern. I really enjoyed sewing a pattern from the fashion style and I already used that pattern again to make beautiful shirt. I will write another post about that project later.

What I also like very much about this pattern is the fact that is is made for women with 1,72m height. For me with 1,73m this is perfect. The Burda Style use a standard height of 1,68. When I use them I need to make all the parts 2-4cm longer. For this pattern I didn’t need to do this, the legth was perfect.

How to style that dress

This dress is a real alrounder. You can wear it for work, a dinner party or even to the opera (Yes, I already wore that dress in all of the three locations). For a more fancy look combine it with nude tights, high heeled pumps and glittering jewellery. For a most casual look I wore boots and a leather jacket with the dress.

How to style a purple jersey dress






Thank you for reading this post! I’ll be back soon with another project! If you have a question or you want to give me some feedback, feel free to write a comment here or on my facebook page.