Shit happens! You are lounging around wearing your favourite old jeans and then it goes „RRRIIP“ – You make a sudden move and your lovely jeans has an ugly hole in an unpleasant place. This tend to happen to old and worn out jeans, when the fabric gets thinner on the mostly rubbed parts. 

Fortunately, it’s pretty straightforward to fix your jeans yourself. Here is an easy tutorial to mend holes in your favourite jeans.

Mostly the fabric around the hole is very worn, so you cant just plug the hole. The pants would tear again in the same spot quickly. That’s why I work with a patch of the same or similar fabric here, that is put under the hole and the worn fabric from the inside of the jeans. This also protects the worn fabric in the area around the hole from tearing again.


Tools and Supplies:

  • A piece of jeans cloth or a part from another old jeans
    (You can also use some thick cotton cloth, the patch shall not be visible after you sewed the jeans)
  • Jeans-thread, you can buy it here
  • A few pins
  • Your sewing machine (I use this my Pfaff Expression 3.5. with a special needle for jeans)

Why do I use special thread for jeans?
This special thread is made for sewing thick, tight fabrics, just like jeans. It is very tearproof and does not scrub off. Conventional sewing thread wouldn’t last long on that worn part of the pants. 

1. Size and cut your patch

To get the right size for your patch, note the measurements of the hole in your jeans. If the denim around the hole is weakened, cover that area with the patch as well. Draw it on the piece of cloth or old jeans. Add 1-2cm around the borders, the patch should overlap the hole by 1-2cm. Now cut the patch to size. 

Fix your jeans - A step by step tutorial

2. Pin the patch to the jeans

Now turn your pants inside out. Then you pin the patch on top of the hole in your jeans. If the hole is along the seam, start pinning there, so it will be easier to pin the patch straight.

pin the patch to the fabric to mend the jeans

3. Sew the patch on 

The last step is to sew the patch on. Usually I start sewing along with the seam of my jeans. Then, after that first seam, I check again if my patch is straight and covers the hole or ripped part completely (I tend to be a little sloppy with the pinning, so I need to double-check if the patch fits correctly 🙂 )

I sew the patch on with two or three seams. Do this from the outer side of your jeans (turn it around again). This ensures that the ripped part of the jeans is stitched tight to the patch. The frayes from the fabric I pin or draw inside the seam so they wont be visible anymore. Cut the rest of the loose frayes and yarn.

In the end I check if everything is stitched up and covered. The patch shouldn’t be visible anymore now. Now you have to turn the pants around again and cut the borders of the patch outside the seams.

And that’s it! Now you can wear your favourite old jeans again, hopefully for many more years.

sew the patch on the hole in your pants - tutorial

This technique is not only for jeans, it also works on nearly every kind of clothing that is worn and ripped. For the patch you should always use the same or a similar kind of fabric to your piece of clothing.  For light and thin fabrics you can also use a patch out of thin vlieseline, so it will be insivisble. 

Tutorial: How to mend a ripped jeans

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