Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

„Sewing my own clothes is more than just a hobby to me – It’s my passion, my recreation and my favourite way to express my creativity.“

portrait of me

Who is Sovori?

I’m 30 years old, living in Germany, together with my husband, my daughter and two cats. When I’m not blogging or sewing I work as an IT project manager/product manager.

My mother taught me about sewing when I was a kid. I remember sitting at her feed when she was at her sewing machine, making little dresses for my barbie dolls from her fabric scraps. It’s awesome being able to create my own wardrobe of clothes that fit both my body and style.

I started sharing my sewing experiences in my first blog in 2008. Since then, not only my blogging style has changed. I now own two blogs, one in German (www.sovori.de) and this one for my friends and followers from abroad. Here I share tipps and hacks for better sewing, my latest sewing projects and some tutorials I wrote.

I like:

  • Purple and everything that is purple
  • cats
  • music: Heavy Meta, Rock, Folk and Progressive Rock
  • gaming (mostly on pc, but lately I play a lot on the switch too). I love fantasy RPGs like Skyrim, The Witcher or Zelda

I don’t like:

  • Xenophobia and racism
  • Berries (I don’t like to eat them)
  • Leaving the house without makeup
  • Phone conversations

My favourite handmade pieces

Here are a few of my favourite handmade clothes I made during the past years: