Fall lookbook: pleated skirt in grey wool fabric

Now autumn has arrived. The leaves are colorful, the meadows are intensively green and the weather is unstable. I love autumn: the beautiful colors in nature, the wind and of course, that I can wear skirts and boots again! Skirts of tights and boots are simply my favourite outfit combination for everyday life. That’s why I sewed  an autumn wool skirt to get myself started in the new season.
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Sketching a capsule wardrobe for fall/winter – Sewing to-do-list

Mybodymodel capsule wardrobe collection

Yesterday I was just browsing Instagram, thinking about my upcoming fall/winter sewing projects when I stumbled about these grid-like fashion sketches. They looked very interesting, especially because they had the hashtag #capsulewardrobe in it and looked pretty easy to draw. Taking a closer look I discovered that they are part of a challenge from #mybodymodel. This inspired me to do some sketching an take part in the challenge.

What is mybodymodel?

It’s a company which provides an app to create a fashion drawing model from your own body measurements. It’s super easy – The have a good guide on how to take your measurements correctly. Then you fill them into a form and get your own printable „paperdoll“. Creating that paperdoll is free, but downloading the print template costs up to 27$. I like the idea a lot and the paper dolls look good too. This is why I write about it here. It’s no paid advertisment or something similar.

To be honest – I didn’t use a body model from mybodymodel to make my sketches. Why’s that? I already made a very similar paper doll from my body measurements a year ago. On a blog about fashion design I saw the designers using plastic stencils of a standard female bodyshape to do their sketching. I liked the idea a lot, because with that I can easily draw pattern sketches and see how they look on my body. So I took my measurements and made a doll of my own. I use it a lot to sketch patterns and outfit combinations.
I’ll post another blog post on how I did this paperdoll next week!

The concept of the capsule wardrobe and the 3×3 grid

The concept of the capsule wardrobe is as interesting as inspiring. In times of total abundace, everyone has way too much clothes. The closets are full and yet we go out every season and buy new stuff. I did that too for a long time. I always buyed tons of new clothes, shoes and accessoiries, many of them I wore only once or twice. My closet was full of stuff that didn’t fit, didn’t look good on me or just didn’t match my style. in the end I always had a full closet and nothing to wear. Two years ago the concept of the capsule wardrobe came up on the internet and as I started reading about it, I realized what I did wrong all the time.

That’s bad for the planet and bad for the soul. I don’t have to buy and buy new clothes all the time, just because the big companies‘ advertisement tells us so.

Drawing my fall/winter capsule wardrobe

I started drawing the clothes that were already on my sewing-to-do-list for this fall/winter. This list contains a hoodie, a knee-length black skirt, a longsleeve top, another pair of biker leggings and a purple corduroy dress. I didn’t think about combining that pieces already, but when I drawed them I realized, that they could be worn together. So I placed them on the grid.

Mybodymodel capsule wardrobe collection

So my 3×3 pieces are:

  • Top1: Black longsleeve with wide neckline and little puffy sleeves
  • Top2: Green wrapblouse with collar and cuffs
  • Top3: Longsleeve Sweat-hoodie in black structured fabric with purple details
  • Bottom1: black biker leggings
  • Bottom2: purple denim skirt
  • Bottom3: black pencil skirt, made out of punto
  • Layer1: off-white wool cardigan with belt
  • Layer2: Little blazer-jacket with black collar and cuffs
  • Layer3: purple corduroy dress


Conclusion: Benefits and inspiration

It was very fun to do some drawings again. I really want to do that again soon. In additional I got a perfect sewing-to-do-list for this fall/winter.

Next week I’m gonna show you how I made my bodymodel-doll. I made it long time before there was the mybodymodel-app.

Sewing an easy jersey dress (with cats!)

sew a jersey shirtdress with cat fabric

Fall has begun and now it’s time for boots and dresses again! I started my 2020 fall wardrobe with a comfortable jersey dress, because since I’m working mostly from home I’m really in need of comfortable clothes. So here is my new handmade dress in black and grey with cats:
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#Oktoberfest Dirndl

Tradional german folklore clothing

There won’t be any Oktoberfest taking place this year. Nevertheless I got out my old Dirndl from the closet and we took some funny pictures. So that’s a good occassion to show you this old sewing project of mine from 2011.
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#SewYourWardrobeBasics workwear jumpsuit

Sewing a jumpsuit out of jersey

The august’s theme from the #sewyourwardrobebasics challenge was „workwear“. For the people who can go to the office again after the corona lockdown that might be a suit or a dress, but what about the people who are working from home anyway?
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Lots of cats – A wrapskirt with kittens

Wrapskirt from the coolest cat fabric

Yay! Finally I can share some cat-content on this blog again! In Germany, it’s the hottest time of the year right now. Temperature outside is high, the sun is burning and even at night it won’t cool down. This part of summer does not need many clothes and inspired me to make this cute, easy wrapskirt.
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Tutorial: How to sew a circleskirt with elastic fabric

Black skirt tutorial

Are you bored at home today? How about sewing something quick and easy?!
Here is an easy tutorial for a simple circle skirt. This little sewing project is perfect for beginners – it doesn’t even need a pattern. There a so many varieties of circle skirts you can make – This tutorial enables you to make circle skirts in every kind of size and length. It can be a circleskirt for kids or for adults. The skirt is made out of jersey fabric, one of the most easiest fabric to sew with. (mehr …)