Welcome to my sewing blog

welcome to the english version of my sewing blog! I’m glad you that you stop by here. Here I blog about my sewing projects and how I style them. If you have a question or want to give me some feedback, feel free to write a comment or visit my facebook site.

vintage dress with cats

Vintage dress „Tuxedo Cats“

Here is an older project of mine. A vintage dress pattern from the "Burda Nähschule" magazine. The fabric is called…
How to sew a jeans patch on

Tutorial: How to fix ripped jeans

Shit happens! You are lounging around wearing your favourite old jeans and then it goes "RRRIIP" - You make a…
a new beginning for sovoris blog

Welcome to the new sovori.com

Hello dear readers, sovori.com has apparently changed! This page is going to be the english version of my blog. The…


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I'm the author of this blog. Here I want to share my love for sewing your own clothes.

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